One of the gifts I got for Brett this year was a mystery ‘Winter Adventure’. Basically, it was an evening on Grouse Mountain, either snowshoeing or skating and then dinner at the fancy restaurant on the mountain, The Observatory. I had to book it ahead of time to make the dinner reservations and so wasn’t sure what the weather would be like on the chosen date. The weather turned out to be: DOOM AND GLOOM. Lame. But still fun!

We went night snowshoeing, which I have never done before. We used our new snowshoes that we got for Christmas (Thanks Mom and Dad!!)

It was raining….a lot…..can you tell??

Still happy! After snowshoeing, we went for possibly the fanciest dinner I have ever had, which I wanted to take photos of but was too chicken to try. I think they frown on that kind of thing in posh restaurants? I had venison and Brett had lamb. Delish!

So, one more thing to tick off the life list: night snowshoeing!