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The Future Belongs to the Curious!

I stumbled onto this interesting and inspiring video today, and after watching it, I had to look up what SkillShare was all about. The catchphrase at the end of the video is: “The future belongs to the curious”. Well, I am certainly curious, so I googled it. Turns out that SkillShare is a sort of online learning hub. Their slogan is “Learn Anything From Anyone”. Basically, anyone can register to give a course in anything, and then people can sign up for it! Sounds pretty awesome right!?!? It’s not available yet in Vancouver, but you can go to their website here and vote for it to become ‘unlocked’ (I think that means available?) in Vancouver.

Do it!!!!!


More Vancouver Posters!

I found more rad posters/ prints starring Vancouver. I love them!

Drawn map of the city. The artist who made this also makes maps that look similar but are paper cuts. Amazing! Available here on Etsy.

Another cool map. I sort of love maps. From here.

A fun city skyline decal.


And my personal faves! They would look so cool together hanging on a wall! From this great little Etsy shop.

Any of these posters would make a great gift for Vancouverites living away from their hometown =) I would have loved to have one when we were in Singapore.  Oh, and they are all available for sale on Etsy. If you have not yet discovered the magic and joy that is Etsy, you should probably go there right now. Ahhhhh handmade bliss……

Handmade Ryan Gosling

Ok, I’m sorry if you’ve seen these before, I know everyone and their dog has been posting these, BUT. THEY. ARE. HILARIOUS!

Obviously Ryan Gosling is awesome and the words added to these pictures….well I just don’t even know what to say. They are so funny. At least for crafty types like me.

(Via Handmade Ryan Gosling)

Chunky Rug

How cool and squishy looking are these hand knitted rugs?


They are totally my kind of knitting- just the same stitch over and over until it’s as big as you want it to be. Plus the yarn is so thick, you could probably whip one up in a day!



Found via the most amazing knitting store: Purl Soho and their blog, The Purl Bee.

Ready, set, quilt!

I am soooooooo super excited because I signed up for a beginner’s quilting class in a quilt shop in our neighbourhood. I am excited for a few reasons:

1. There is a quilt shop IN. OUR. NEIGHBOURHOOD. We certainly did not have one of those in Singapore.

2. It is a hip little place called Spool of Thread Sewing Lounge, with fun fabric with amazing prints that I love. Cute prints like bicycles and polka dots. Not granny prints like poinsettias or fall leaves. (No offense to grannies, or people who like poinsettias or fall leave prints. They just aren’t my thing.)

3. Our new apartment is too small for me to set up my sewing machine, so it is fabulous to have a place to go and sew.

4. I really don’t know how to quilt. I tried to wing it. It was hard.

So yay! Here is a pic of the sample quilt they have in the store.


It’s small, either for a baby, or for on your lap when you are watching TV. Soon, I need to purchase the fabric for my own quilt and I can choose any colours I want. I’m not sure how I feel about having white as the main colour…..any suggestions for an alternative? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Portobello West Market

This morning, I hit up the Portobello West Market, a monthly market in Vancouver that I’ve wanted to go to forever. It was pretty awesomes. Lots of handmade goodness and a few food trucks outside, which is always a sign of a place I’d like to be. I made a few purchases…’s a secret because it’s a present….shhh…..But I’ll show you the other stuff:


earrings made by Anna Vandas , fridge magnets by acageybee. I love them both.