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More Vancouver Posters!

I found more rad posters/ prints starring Vancouver. I love them!

Drawn map of the city. The artist who made this also makes maps that look similar but are paper cuts. Amazing! Available here on Etsy.

Another cool map. I sort of love maps. From here.

A fun city skyline decal.


And my personal faves! They would look so cool together hanging on a wall! From this great little Etsy shop.

Any of these posters would make a great gift for Vancouverites living away from their hometown =) I would have loved to have one when we were in Singapore.  Oh, and they are all available for sale on Etsy. If you have not yet discovered the magic and joy that is Etsy, you should probably go there right now. Ahhhhh handmade bliss……


Vancouver Posters

Hope you are all having a wonderbar holiday season! I want to share some Vancouver love with you today. Part of the reason I started this blog in the first place was as a place to highlight all the awesomeness that is Vancity. So. Check out these rad posters:

Numero Uno:

From Ork Posters

Numero Dos:

From Darryl Albert  *** My awesome sister Leesa gave me this poster for Christmas!***

Numero Tres:

From Lake Jane. This one is my personal fave, but is sadly not available anymore…

Anyone seen any other sweet Vancouver posters?? I’d love to see them!

Whale Bookends

So apparently I am on a whale kick lately…not sure where that came from, but anyway. These whale bookends are killer. I totally love them. And they would nicely tie in with that whale tea towel

Jonathan Adler, I don’t really know who you are, but you make some nice things for your store.

Whale Tea Towel

Is $25 too much money to spend on a tea towel? Because I love this one. So I was just checking.


From Enormous Champion.