Same season, new year…

I thought I would do a little Christmas Season Retrospective of the the 5 Christmases that Brett and I have spent together…quite a variety, as you will see:

Holidays 2007- Atlantic Trap and Grill Newfie Pub in Vancouver, Canada (No Christmas picture available so we will have to make do with a New Year’s shot instead)

Christmas Day 2008- On the beach in Varkala, India. That’s actually my friend Andrea in the photo….I didn’t have any with me in them, so she’s a good stand in.

Christmas Day, 2009, Swimming in the ocean in Auckland, New Zealand. To be fair, I only put my feet in. I don’t want to mislead anyone here. But I was wearing my bathing suit. So that’s saying something. Not going to be doing that in Canada on Christmas Day anytime soon.

December 23rd, 2010, Glacier Hiking in New Zealand. Awesome! That’s all I have to say.

December 23rd, 2011, Ice Skating with the fam, Richmond, B.C. Back in the Motherland for Christmas!


Happy Holidays to everyone!


Handmade Ryan Gosling

Ok, I’m sorry if you’ve seen these before, I know everyone and their dog has been posting these, BUT. THEY. ARE. HILARIOUS!

Obviously Ryan Gosling is awesome and the words added to these pictures….well I just don’t even know what to say. They are so funny. At least for crafty types like me.

(Via Handmade Ryan Gosling)

Dinesty Restaurant

On Sunday (and by that I mean 10 or so Sundays ago, because I wrote this draft and then promptly fell off the blogging band wagon) we went to a Dim Sum Restaurant in Richmond called Dinesty. It was deeeeeeelish! I loves me some dumplings and these were the real deal! Almost like the legendary DinTaiFung….which we sadly don’t have in Canada. Anyway, here is a sample of what we ate:


From left to right: Pork Soup Dumplings (Xiaolongbao), Vegetable Pork Dumplings and Shrimp Pork XiaoMai. Y-U-M!

We also ordered pig’s ears. That’s them in the front dish. While they were not my new fave, I’m glad I tried them.

For more deets (and better pics!), check out Iron Gullet, the food blog of my friends Rob and Janette! Tons more yumminess!

Whale Bookends

So apparently I am on a whale kick lately…not sure where that came from, but anyway. These whale bookends are killer. I totally love them. And they would nicely tie in with that whale tea towel

Jonathan Adler, I don’t really know who you are, but you make some nice things for your store.

Baby Halloween Costume


hahahahahahah!! If I had a baby, I would definitely be dressing them up as a mini ventriloquist’s dummy. LOVE it.


Found via Cup of Jo.

Chunky Rug

How cool and squishy looking are these hand knitted rugs?


They are totally my kind of knitting- just the same stitch over and over until it’s as big as you want it to be. Plus the yarn is so thick, you could probably whip one up in a day!



Found via the most amazing knitting store: Purl Soho and their blog, The Purl Bee.

Friday nights awesomeness

Brett and I had such a rad Friday night yesterday! We did so many things and it was such a beautiful night weather wise that even just walking around the city felt a little bit magical.

First, we went to see our first movie this year of the Vancouver International Film Fest. We chose Sarah Polley’s new film, Take This Waltz. It was a great movie- good story, great actors (Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Luke Kirby and Sarah Silverman), beautiful styling (I want to own every piece of clothing that Michelle Williams’ character wears in the movie) and some great shots of Canada (The movie is set in Toronto and Cape Breton). Oh and also a cool soundtrack! Plus, seeing movies at the film fest just has an extra nice vibe to it. All these people are there to see really great art, so it just has a different atmosphere than a regular movie.

After the movie, we walked over to the CBC Vancouver building, where there was a free, outdoor concert to celebrate the first annual Culture Day in Canada. Playing at the concert were The New Pornographers, The Midway State and The Stars. I had never heard of Midway State, but the other bands are two of our faves. It was AWESOMES!! Well, it was a bit short, but how can you complain, it was FREE!!! So we rocked out for an hour or so, then we hopped on the skytrain back to our hood.

Where we went to……St. Augustines, for yummy seasonal beer on tap and the best nachos I think I have ever had. EVER. They were amazing. Fresh guac, fresh salsa, oh my…..heaven. And the beer I had was called Red Racer Pumpkin Ale from Central City Brewing in Surrey. Who knew there was a microbrewery in Surrey!?!? I must go there……

Hope the rest of the weekend rocks as much!! Enjoy yours!!